About Us

 Charles Cretors
Long considered the cornerstone in the industry, C. Cretors & Company designs and manufacturers equipment that provides solutions. 

Our Foodservice Equipment division, established in 1885, introduced the first patented steam driven popcorn machine that popped corn in oil. The Foodservice Equipment Division has expanded to include cotton candy, warmers, dispensing systems and other specialty equipment. A wide selection of caramel and savory coated popcorn and roasting equipment has been developed and is quickly expanding into gourmet retail popcorn shops and other specialty food outlets.

Our Food Processing Systems division, established in 1967, patented and introduced a continuous production line featuring a hot air fluidized bed oven for high-volume popcorn production. The production line has been adapted to produce other snack foods, cereals, and specialty products. 

C. Cretors & Company was originally founded in Chicago, Illinois where it continues to be family owned and operated.

"Cretors History" (Narrated by Bill Curtis)

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